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lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

Just Dust

Driving around town is quite depressing, especially when you are looking for a nice outdoor coffee to seat next to the sea and have as simple as a cappuccino. But all u get is a Chinese coffee shop with dirty plastic tables, where they sell noodles, rice, cigarettes and the famous instant Nescafe jar.
A second later I realize I need to keep moving, so I move around and to my surprise downtown just finish... 4 blocks in a row!!!...

Few people chatting and the town smell awake my senses.
I constantly dream about not being here, but somewhere else, this fantasy keeps growing inside me to the point I believe this is just a wonderful place where mosquitoes bites and dust.... 

Well dust is just dust.

sábado, 20 de octubre de 2012

A new day.

And then when lights goes off... I keep thinking about my life over and over..
I keep trying to disappear in between the dirty blankets
I keep sweeping my cold tears.
I keep moving around the emptiness....
And midnight comes and magic starts.I vanish and reborn like phoenix

I reborn and a drop of love move around my body, giving life every single cell, every single death tissue...
And when the sunrise arrives to my face a smile covers me.
A smile moves my muscle and in a new day my heart beats stronger.