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domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014


Traveling around the world and dealing with different people gives us enough experience to measure at some point how people would act when they are introduced to us.

There are people frank enough to look at your eyes and tell you what they think or at least what you want to hear. From the beginning you know this is a straightforward person.

But then comes those who hide behind a mask they have created in order to fit somehow not knowing that their mask is about to fade. A social disclosure term comes to my mind when I meet these kind of people.

Those people don’t look at your eyes, they either look down or up but not straight.

When talking to them it seems that there is something that just doesn’t fit, the reading line between the face expression, the words and the body are not in harmony. Our sense tickling and we just wave our heads trying to match what we see and hear.

They are too friendly and not in a naïve way. Why do you want to be my friend or pretend to be nice when your face and body isn’t?

And then comes those who just think they are in the top of the world; who complain about everyone just because they can do much better. They give advice without knowing and confront any situation that they haven’t got the control.

But sooner or later a social disclosure shows what they really are, leaving behind a couple of people looking pale, revealing their true selves

Why should we be pale? If we look at it we actually knew this a long time ago.

One day someone told me something that stayed in my mind for many years and I would like to share it:

If you see a big animal, grey in color, with a big trunk, and big ears… what would it be?

Of course we won’t think of a mouse, a cat or a rabbit. It is an elephant and even if his name is not written and we can’t see most of his body he is still an elephant.

So why do we need to wait for social disclosure to know with whom we are dealing with?

All this came to my mind after talking to a good friend about people’s personalities and how they have revealed themselves and promptly dig their own graves leaving many people behind pale and astonished.

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