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lunes, 23 de febrero de 2015


Life is miserable when sunbeams stop.
She is standing under the window,
a blush in her cheek…
Rejected by the sun.

She is still picking up her past,
A ghost that follows her.
A joke she can’t understand.

Sitting in a chair holding her head;
nodding, nodding.
Rejected by her past.

Finding the right time to approach him with her body.
Hiding the imperfections she did herself.
Wandering around naked in soul.
Rejected by love.

Then she looks around and sees a shimmering light or maybe something else.
She tries to stand up but life is so simple that she just can’t.
Rejected by her own body.

She seeks inside her,
She searches in all those files she compiled during her youth…
She doesn’t believe it!
It can’t be!
She feels a rejection growing silently from inside.
And as she steps stealthy through the night a new thought....

Maybe I could.